A review of Mateo Monk: Live Vol. III, as published in the March 2016 issue of Appalachian Jamwich magazine.
"The music of Mateo Monk is beyond classification. It is a synthesis of multiple genres of world roots music, heavily informed by the spontaneous freedom of psychedelic jam culture. Mateo performs solo on the guitar, flute, synthesizer, and melodica, utilizing a looper pedal to create fully-textured rhythms, adorned with virtuosic melodic musings, all seamlessly woven into the song form in real time." This year he has released an all live album simply called, Live Volume III, which is infused with positivity and uplifting lyrics, playful melodies and essentially all of the universe.

Grounded to the Earth and flying through the airwaves, this album is multidimensional music at its finest. Without previous knowledge, or not seeing him live, you would think this was a full band, but he seems to seamlessly blend many sounds effortlessly into a field of harmony. Deep reggae influences, mixed with his imaginative flute playing, is mind blowing. Great acoustic guitar playing and looping, wild synths, peaceful vocals, all add up to one of the most refreshing artists on the east coast, in general. This album will help you forget about all your problems.

The 3rd track off the album Dinosaurs is a lyrically potent and masterfully artistic. Mystical flutes, that make you question your reality and catchy guitar to keep your body grounded to the dance floor. Hinting at the temporary nature of our human lives, this song truly makes you think. Imaging the dinosaur extinction, and how Earth can continue on without us. "The Earth keeps spinning, keeps beginning new dreams." It inspires you to live your life to the fullest, i really appreciate that.

My personal favorite song off the album is Final Days. Classic reggae dub vibes, simple and chill. "This may be the end of the line, lets give love while we still got time." We as humans, never really know how long our time will be here, so we have got to make the best of it. We have got to be nice to each other, spread love and unity. Its a simple as that. That is what Mateo really inspires. This is rebel music. The guitar solo is absolutely beautiful, with more of a jam band feel, its truly a must listen.

Etched with details, filled with love, hurling through space and time, this album will take you places. It is a deep meditative, other worldly experience of sound. What strikes me the most is his flute playing, as it gives it this unique flavor I have never heard before and that puts the cherry on top. Conscious lyrics, that really fill the space with wisdom and beauty. I have to say this album really touched my heart, give it a listen and do not miss him live.

Written by Ashton Robertson. The album is now available on iTunes!